september 2023

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Improve air quality by saving energy!

It has become essential to reconcile air quality and energy efficiency in buildings.

To meet this objective, you need to choose the right ventilation system, size it properly, consider balancing, make the flow rates as distributed as possible, and select the right control method.

This makes it possible to protect occupants while saving up to 74% energy in the building.


Indoor Air Quality: the essentials in figures

The recent Pandemic has highlighted the fact that harmful elements exist suspended in the air, and that identifying and protecting against them is a complex task.

It's becoming important to be able to supervise our "living" spaces and keep an eye on the impalpable and invisible.

How can we improve the AIR we breathe? How to check that ventilation systems are working properly?

Let's start with the basics on Indoor Air Quality and some key figures:

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