Ventilation management for underground parking lots

The Parking Air Manager (PAM) is a small, low-cost controller ideal for ensuring optimum ventilation in small and medium-sized parking lots, while complying with regulations for parking lots with more than 300 spaces.

Explore the essential benefits

Simplified maintenance: Thanks to its solid-state sensors, the PAM and its associated sensors are maintenance-free, ensuring 10 years' trouble-free operation (sensors).

Optimal integration: Take advantage of direct connection to air extractors, offering the option of integrating audible and evacuation alarms for enhanced safety and proactive management.

Standards compliance: The PAM controller meets French regulatory standards for parking lots with more than 300 spaces, guaranteeing total compliance and state-of-the-art ventilation management. Choose reliability with Parking Air Manager.


This feature simplifies installation for optimum ventilation management in small and medium-sized parking lots.

Protects against dust and water splashes, enhancing its effectiveness in demanding environments.

Allows adaptation to various configurations, enhancing adaptability and efficiency

The use of Modbus RS485 (industrial fieldbus standard) ensures high transmission reliability over long distances.

the PAM controller features a very low-voltage power supply for remote probes, simplifying installation (a single bus cable + telephone or Ethernet power supply)

underground parking ventilation

Ensuring healthy air quality in underground parking lots

Optimizing and ensuring compliance of ventilation systems in small and medium-sized parking lots are crucial aspects of modern parking management, especially with regard to energy consumption and air quality:

Optimization for small and medium-sized parking lots

  • Ventilation systems: The installation of modern, efficient ventilation systems is essential to maintain good air quality. For more compact spaces, customized solutions are required to ensure adequate air circulation without oversizing the system.
  • Intelligent technology: The integration of technology, such as digital CO (carbon monoxide) sensors, enables automated ventilation management. These technologies can adjust ventilation system operation according to detected pollution levels, ensuring a healthy environment with optimized energy consumption.

Compliance for small and medium-sized parking lots

  • Compliance with standards: In France , parking lot ventilation is regulated for parking lots with more than 300 spaces. This segmentation is linked to the cost of the old ventilation systems, which could not be imposed on small parking lots. Today, however, technology and digital technology make these systems affordable, making it possible to address the small parking lot market.

Improve Air Quality and Ensure Car Park Compliance

Ventilation management in underground parking lots is a crucial challenge, impacting the health of users and reducing the risk of poisoning, as CO is a deadly gas.

Condominium managers and architects can now reduce the risks of intoxication that could involve them thanks to the Parking Air Manager (PAM) from NanoSense. Here's an in-depth look at how PAM is revolutionizing ventilation management:

Revolution in Ventilation Management

  • Advanced technology: The PAM incorporates maintenance-free solid-state sensors that continuously monitor air quality. These sensors detect CO levels, enabling the system to react in real time to adjust ventilation.
  • Intelligent automation: Thanks to its automated system, the PAM adjusts ventilation according to the actual needs of the parking lot. This dynamic approach ensures optimum air quality while reducing energy consumption, unlike traditional ventilation systems which operate at a constant rate.
  • Simplified user interface: The PAM features a user-friendly interface, allowing intuitive management and real-time monitoring of air quality. This makes the system accessible even to operators without advanced technical expertise.

Designed for small and medium-sized parking lots

  • Size and flexibility: The PAM is specifically designed to adapt to the dimensions of small and medium-sized parking lots, while complying with the regulations applicable to large parking lots. Its installation requires no major structural modifications, making it ideal for both existing parking lots and new constructions.
  • Regulatory compliance: The system complies with French regulatory standards for parking lots with more than 300 spaces, guaranteeing full compliance with legal health and safety requirements.

Economical, high-performance solution

  • Reduced operating costs: By optimizing the use of ventilation, PAM significantly reduces energy costs. This energy efficiency translates into substantial savings on electricity bills.
  • Minimal maintenance: Sensor technology guarantees a 10-year maintenance-free life. This reduces the overall cost of ownership.

Why choose PAM?

  • Economical and efficient: Reduce your acquisition, operating and maintenance costs while guaranteeing optimum ventilation.
  • Turnkey solution: Quick and easy installation for immediate implementation.

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