Ep5000 multi-sensor indoor air quality probe

Indoor and outdoor air quality probes

Air Quality: A little known scourge!


of deaths per year in the world


of deaths per year in France


cause of death

2 years

of life expectancy lost at age 30


more deaths than on the roads


more childhood respiratory diseases than 30 years ago


of population Asthmatic

Our solutions

monitoring, ventilation control and popularization of air quality and environments

A multi-pollutant approach

Air Quality is invisible and imperceptible, so it is important to measure as many pollutants as possible in order to better understand one's exposure and act accordingly.

Ventilation control

Measuring is good, acting is better. It's better! That's why we have integrated ventilation control functions in our products! Directly or through the BMS (Building Management System) NanoSense protects you and generates energy savings!

Reduce the risks

The approach of the risks of viral transmission by the CO2 remains at the moment one of the most effective solutions but especially perennial to protect itself and to evaluate the risks of transmission. Ventilate according to the risk (manually or automatically).


Discover the stars of our range, the indoor and outdoor air quality sensors from NanoSense

Indoor Air Quality Sensor Ep5000

Indoor Air Quality Sensor EP5000

12 indoor environment parameters

HVAC control on environments and IAQ

Improved building energy efficiency

Simplified configuration by smartphone

Indoor Air Quality Sensor E4000-NG

Indoor Air Quality Sensor E4000-NG

4 indoor environment parameters

HVAC control

10 year life span

Modular and multi protocol

Indoor Air Quality Sensor P4000-NG

Indoor Air Quality Sensor P4000-NG (Fine particles)

3 sizes of fine particles: 1 - 2.5 - 10 µm
Filtration control
Compatible with the E4000-NG probe
Multi protocol
Outdoor Air Quality Sensor AAQ

Outdoor Air Quality Probe AAQ

● Temperature, Humidity, Fine particles

● Comparison with indoor air

 Compatible with the EP5000 probe

Multi protocol and multi sensor option

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