Air quality :
Our business is your well-being!

NanoSense is an SME based in the Paris region, and has been involved in Air Quality since 2002.

Breathe good indoor air quality

We take action for your health and well-being

Our commitment to your health and well-being is reflected in our approach to managing Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). Through our solutions, we create healthier indoor environments that promote well-being and improve productivity.

We take action for the environment

We take a positive approach to the environment. Our sensors, designed and manufactured at France, optimize ventilation, heating and even air conditioning to reduce energy consumption in buildings. 

Our history

CEO and founder Olivier Martimort NanoSense  Air quality expert

NanoSense was created by Olivier Martimort after more than 17 years in the management of major military projects and two years on Star Wars in the USA (SDI, Ronald Regan's Strategic Defense Initiative).

The Chernobyl accident. The lack of radioactivity measurement tools for the general public. This gap led to the creation of the first consumer Geiger counters, initially focused on measuring radioactivity, but soon extended to measuring air quality and parking lot ventilation.

Today, NanoSense is more than 90% dedicated to research and development, with a particular focus on air quality.

Olivier Martimort

CEO and Founder

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