Back to school 2022: Will there be CO2 sensors in schools?

Are students well protected at school?

Are schools properly equipped with CO2 sensors?

On December 3rd, NanoSense was invited on France2 at the 1pm news. The goal was to inform you about the IMPORTANCE of controlling and measuring air quality interioremissions, including the amount of CO2, in schools and nurseries.

C02 sensors are the new essential tools for all ERP! 

The amount of CO2 MUST not exceed 800 ppm (parts per million) of CO2 in the air to reduce the risk of viral transmission. Without a sensor, it is impossible to know this information. Unfortunately not enough schools in France are equipped with CO2 sensors. 

But why is it so urgent?

CO2 is an odorless, colorless and naturally occurring gas in the atmosphere related to human occupation.

High levels of CO2 in the air can lead to:

- A decrease in productivity and concentration (very important for schools) 

- Headaches and fatigue

- Faster spread of viruses (Covid19, the omicron variant, flu...)

These sensors are essential to control the Indoor Air Quality, and to improve :

- The well-being of the occupants, headaches and fatigue.

- Productivity and ESPECIALLY focus.

AND EVIDENTLY, CO2 sensors are useful in the fight against the spread of Covid, its variants and all types of viruses (flu ...) outside the framework of the current health crisis. Taking this information into account when ventilating classrooms could drastically reduce student absenteeism.

IN ADDITION, by Decree 2011-14, the owners of ERP must monitor the Indoor Air Quality.

Thus, reporting on indoor air quality has become MANDATORY in schools. 

In order to encourage the deployment of CO2 sensors in schools, the Prime Minister declared that the State would provide exceptional financial support to local authorities.<b style="font-family: arial, helvetica, sans-serif;">20 millions d’euros seront versés,</b> in the form of financial aid,<b style="font-family: arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"> </b>for schools that purchase CO2 sensors. 


As of February 4, 2022, the financial support has increased to 8€ per student from 2€ previously,  in order to respond to the urgency of the situation.<b style="font-family: arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"> </b>

For example, a mayor with a school of 500 students can claim a grant of 4000€! This is enough money to ensure the supervision of the different areas of the school. 

By effectively and permanently protecting students from the spread of the virus, equipping schools also helps to comply with Executive Order 2011-14. This decree concerns the Air Quality in schools and ERP in application since 2020 for all schools.

Why are we talking to you about this?

NanoSense can guide you in the implementation of these solutions and provide the necessary invoices for the filing. 

We offer several ranges of probes that are able to MEASURE and ACT, to ensure good indoor air quality.

The EP5000 and E4000 probes.

These reliable and affordable probes measure the amount of CO2 that must not exceed a certain threshold to limit the risk of transmission.

The EP5000 is the most complete probe on the market, and the most efficient in terms of energy consumption. (See our website for more information!).

If you are responsible for an ERP, and you want to comply with the latest decrees, then think about controlling the air quality! J

For more information contact us at 01 41 41 00 02 or by mail :

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