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Indoor Air Quality Sensor EP5000

● 12 to 15 indoor environment parameters

● HVAC control on environments and IAQ

● Building Energy Efficiency

● Commissioning by smartphone

● 10 year life span

● Multi protocols

Indoor Air Quality Sensor E4000-NG

4 indoor environment parameters

HVAC control  on environments and IAQ

 Energy efficiency of the building

10 year life span

Modular and multi protocol

Fine Particle Sensor P4000-NG

3 types of fine particle measurements: PM1, PM2.5, PM10 µm

Remedial control 

Compatible with the E4000-NG probe

Modular and Multi - protocol 

Outdoor Air Quality Probe AAQ

● Temperature, Humidity, Fine Particles

● Noise sensor, Ozone, NOx, SO2 ... optional

● Compatible with the EP5000 probe,  for comparison with indoor air

● Multi protocols and multi sensors

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