Air quality in general

The best solution is to air your home but there may be particles coming from outside so after airing, mop your floors and close the windows. Thus, you will have a renewed air whose fine particles will have been fixed on the ground by moisture.

You can consult the daily air quality on the websites of the ASCA of your region (Air Parif, Air Breizh, ...). You can also receive daily information bulletins and/or subscribe to receive alerts to prevent pollution episodes. Many local authorities and associative partners also make available to the general public the air quality indices on their website and disseminate them daily via social networks. This relay is also ensured by the local media (written press, radio) when the air quality deteriorates.

Contrary to popular belief, we are not immune to pollution in our homes. On the contrary, the air is more polluted than outside because the outside pollutants infiltrate the houses which are not completely tight and the pollutants generated inside cannot escape. However, we spend 90% of our time in enclosed spaces (home, office, schools, transportation, stores...), where we are exposed to these cocktails of indoor and outdoor pollutants. Simple actions can improve air quality at home.

The pollution level is expressed by an overall index, from 0 (very good) to 100 (very bad), for the whole region. The index corresponds, at each point of the territory, to the maximum sub-index derived from the concentrations of three regulated pollutants (nitrogen dioxide (NO2), fine particles (PM10) and ozone (O3)), good indicators of the air pollution to which the population is exposed, in urban, peri-urban or rural areas. For each pollutant, the calculation is based on its own information and alert thresholds: a value of 90 corresponds to the information threshold. A value of 100 corresponds to the alert threshold.

Air pollution will have a greater or lesser impact on people depending on their state of health or age. This is the case, for example, for infants and young children whose respiratory system is still developing, making them more fragile to air pollutants. Compared to the general population, people who are vulnerable or sensitive to air pollution will develop symptoms more quickly or more strongly following exposure to this pollution. But it is also the case of pregnant women and asthmatics who are 4 millions in France which represents 1/16th of the population.

Our products

Our probes have a minimum life span of 10 years. On most of our probes, when the life of the sensors is reached, you can keep your probe: you just have to change the sensors without any other parameter setting.

Either there is a BMS (Building Management System) which will receive the measurements from the sensor to control the ventilation or control functions integrated in the sensor are used. In the latter case, the protocol of the sensor and the ventilation must be taken into account: If the ventilation and the sensor have the same protocol (EnOcean, KNX, LON) and the control is done directly by pairing. If the ventilation is in 0-10V (very common) then the control is done through a 0-10V actuator (EnOcean, KNX, LON). In Modbus, the E4000 sensor and the ventilation are slaves and it is therefore the BMS that must provide the interface.

Yes, the screen tool allows you to activate the repetition function. Each EnOcean sensor is carried to about 30m in a building, 2 E4000 sensors or 2 G4000 gateways well arranged, thus allowing, with the repetition function, to carry any sensor to about 3x30m or 90m. Indeed, the EnOcean protocol does not allow more than two repetitions.

When you buy a product in the EU, you have two years to request repair or replacement if it proves to be defective or not in accordance with its description. If the product cannot be repaired or replaced within a reasonable time or without inconvenience, you may request a refund or a price reduction. The two-year warranty starts when the product is received.


Our distribution policy for portable products goes through distribution and VPC. And for home automation products of energy efficiency, we minimize the intermediaries.

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