Air quality probes, a source of energy savings and productivity at the Usine Nouvelle

Designer and manufacturer of air quality probes, made in France

For all tertiary buildings and ERPs (schools, Ehpad, etc.)

Multi-protocol multi-pollutant probes. Improves productivity and preserves health in buildings

The multi-sensor probes designed and manufactured by NanoSense are designed to measure air quality in buildings and contribute to the optimization of the energy consumption of buildings. Indeed, "there is no point in ventilating 24 hours a day when it is not necessary. With our probes we control the ventilation flow rate according to the real needs. By regulating to good

The balance between air quality and energy expenditure is essential for BEPOS buildings.

ecause significant energy savings are generated," explains Oli-vier Martimort, manager of the company that won the Airlab's 2018 micro-sensor challenge; Multi-protocol (EnOcean, LoRa, KNX, Modbus, etc.). These probes also interface with supervision systems.


Less well known: good air quality management leads to productivity gains and improved employee well-being in general. Thus, NanoSense probes measure not only CO2 levels, but also levels of volatile organic compounds and fine particles that impair cognitive functions. "Our control algorithm takes into account

Probe E4000NG : CO2, VOC, T°, Hum, 130 x 90 mm, your best protection against the invisible.

of the overall environment and also allows comparison of outdoor and indoor air quality. An indicator will tell you when the outside air is more polluted than the inside air." The probes can be parameterized according to air quality objectives, or even cognitive thresholds, which allows optimal management of continuous ventilation. Note that the total cost of ownership of these products is very interesting since they have a life span of 10 years and do not require maintenance.

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