Results Challenge Microsensors 2019 : NANOSENSE to the honours!

The long-awaited results of the AIRLAB (AirParif' lab) 2019 Microsensor Challenge are finally available!

The Challenge is 34 sensors from around the world tested in real conditions for 6 months against regulatory devices.

It is with great pleasure that we announce that we are, for the2nd consecutive year, in the lead in all categories (Indoor and Outdoor).

Our goal this year was to make it easier to access the data collected by the probes, and this was made possible through our partnership with Pando2.

The probes E4000NG and EP5000 were awarded and the QAA probe topped its class.

By combining our E5000 and P5000 prototype probes into a single probe, the EP5000We have succeeded in integrating the measurement of 9 indoor environment parameters: CO2, VOCs, Fine Particles (PM10, PM2.5 & PM1), temperature, humidity, sound and light.

Our probe EP5000 is announced in production during 2020 with a very attractive selling price!

Our probes are much more than simple sensors as they are able to control ventilation and interface with the building's home automation system. Thus we improve the air quality and thus health, PRODUCTIVITY and comfort at lower energy costs.

Moreover, reading data is now simpler and more intuitive than ever, thanks to the platform developed by our partner, Pando2.

On behalf of the NanoSense team, a big THANK YOU to the funders and jury of the Microsensor Challenge, at theAIRLAB, à AirParif, à Pando2 and to all our customers and partners who support us!

Download our press kit here!

Results of the challenge: HERE

Results Brochure EN

AIRLAB Press Release EN

AIRLAB Press Release EN

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