Interview with PandO2 on the occasion of the 3rd Orange IOT for Business meeting

Here is an Interview of Jean-Gabriel WINKLER, Co-Founder and CEO of PandO2, presenting his WEB solution for QAE, QAI data valorisation and supervision as well as the benefits of our partnership NanoSense/ PandO2 during the IOT4BUSINESS day.

The sensors and solutions used during this day were based on LoRa communication technology, NanoSense probes and PandO2 supervision.

Pando2 was created by three friends with more than thirty years of experience in complementary fields: finance and strategy, life and earth sciences, chemistry and the environment. Invested in sustainable development and concerned about the future of the planet, they have joined forces to prevent and reduce people's exposure to indoor and outdoor air pollution.

Pando2 has created the first platform to consolidate public and private data on air quality, centralizing the equivalent of four applications: air pollution, pollens, weather, and indoor air quality monitoring via measurements from the most powerful micro-sensors on the market. The company derives its name from "pando", the largest poplar clonal forest in Utah and considered one of the oldest living organisms on the planet, and from "O2", oxygen, an essential gas for life.

A big thank you to Orange and the Orange Business Services teams for the organization of this space and this day of innovation and meetings.

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