Demonstration Air Quality Probe E4000

Here is a demonstration of our E4000 AIR Quality Sensors (CO2, VOC, Temperature, Humidity) & P4000 Fine Particulate Matter (PM10, PM2.5 & PM1).

Here, they activate the ventilation as soon as they detect a pollutant in the air.

What's going on? The VOCs contained in the felt vapours are detected by our probe and as soon as the values exceed the recommendations, the probe will accelerate the ventilation flow rate proportionally to the excess.

The configuration here is analog, the sensor uses a standard 0-10V output to control the ventilation motors by opening them in the ducts. We can also communicate the commands and measurements calculated by the probes in different wired or radio intelligent building protocols (EnOcean, LoRaWAN, KNX, ModBus, LonWorks, Zigbee, ...) Protect yourself from the invisible!

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