Challenge Microsensors 2018

NanoSense will soon participate in the "Challenge microsensors 2018" organized by the AIRLAB and has been selected among 21 companies. The objective of the challenge is to evaluate the microsensors of indoor or outdoor air quality of the market. The evaluation is essentially metrological in nature and candidates could compete in eight different categories.

Our 7 probes have all been selected for this challenge including the E4000NG Iaq probe (NG as a new generation) that will soon succeed the E4000 probe. The measuring range of CO2 is extended from 2000 to 5000ppm, the base version passes in NDIR, the measurement of TVOC passes in Μ G/m3 in accordance with ISO 16000-19 and additional functions are integrated. This probe retains its multi-character standard: Modbus, KNX, LON, EnOcean, 0-10v, light alerts. Another interesting probe is the cost: the E5000-10 (0-10v) which is a very low cost NDIR CO2 probe.

Our newest QAA probe (atmospheric air) has also been selected by the Airlab. It is designed to compare indoor air and outdoor air in order to apply the best remediation strategy and to warn occupants of the opportunity to open windows.

The P4000 particle probe and the E4000NG fall into two different categories: public or user awareness in a fixed indoor air location (SPAI) and indoor air control in a building (PAIB). With the QAA probe, Nanosense enters a third category: Public or user awareness in a fixed place in outdoor air (SPAE). Several built-in Microprobes (Switchgears) will also be evaluated.

Throughout the summer, the Airparif Metrology Laboratory will evaluate for the AIRLAB the solutions on 41 evaluation points and, in autumn, the most relevant sensors will be deployed in the framework of projects of the AIRLAB in the fields of buildings Connected and citizen participation.

For more information click Here.

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