4th National Air Quality Foundation

It's official, NanoSense will be present for a presentation at the 4th National Air Quality Assizes organized by the Ministry of Transition and Solidarity and by ADEME at The belfry of Montrouge, Portes de Paris on October 9th and 10th.

The ADEME call for applications allows companies to participate in the 2018 Initiatives Forum as initiator (i.e. project holder) and to present its action to the participants.
Nanosense will then present his SmartQAI algorithm during his conference "Iaq, it's CL'AIR!" on October 10, 2018. This algorithm allows not only to represent the quality of indoor Air in the form of physiological impacts (on the body and brain) generated but also to take into account the cocktail effect of these pollutants.

This work finally allows to have a clear vision of the quality of indoor Air, understandable by all and closer to reality because the additional effects of pollutants and environment conditions are taken into account. ORANGE will also be present with us on this conference to witness the impact of this tool in its indoor environment or on a common experiment site.

Feel free to come and see us by registering for initiative 14 of the National Air Quality Foundation!


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