Control ventilation to improve Indoor Air Quality.

Economiser jusqu’à 74% energy !

 Improving productivity de vos salariés ! 

~ €6,000 per year 

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Solutions 100% dedicated to Buildings!
- Air Quality Sensors -

A complete and connected product line, with different communication protocols. The probes are modular and scalable, allowing them to adapt to most ecosystems, with a simple and quick installation.  

Whether you choose to install or not, all our products are designed to have a life span of more than 10 years without maintenance or recalibration.

These probes can supply data to the BMS (Building Management System) and/or supervision. 

10 minutes seulement : Comment économiser de l’énergie et améliorer la Qualité de l’Air ?

Learn more about NanoSense and our innovative probes from Olivier Martimort - the Founder. 

Our objective is clear: to improve indoor air quality while achieving significant energy savings by ventilation control

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Respecting regulations and facilitating the obtaining of labels 

Actor of the energy transition

The energy losses related to ventilation represent a significant part in insulated buildings (up to 40%).

With intelligent ventilation control, substantial energy savings can be achieved while protecting the occupants.

Direct control of the ventilation or via a BMS, our probes offer various solutions.

Laws in France : Decree of the ELAN law (Reduction of the consumption energy in the tertiary sector from -40% to -60%), RT2012, RE2020.

Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

The regulations on the monitoring of indoor air quality aim to protect human health. Measuring the Air Quality is an essential step to set up actions aiming at theimprove.

Various laws, decrees and decrees evolve towards a systematic surveillance.

Thus in France, the Ministry of Ecological Transition has made the monitoring of indoor air quality mandatory in the majority of ERP :

Decree No. 2022-168 - DEO 2022-1690, Order of December 27, 2022.

Facilitates the obtaining of sustainable building labels

A label gives value to the building. 

The measurement of Air Quality and controlled ventilation according to needs, (or even IAQ supervision), give points for obtaining the various labels of sustainable buildings, energy or comfort.

In the highly competitive new construction and renovation market, obtaining a green building label is a strategic means of differentiation that ensures low energy consumption while ensuring good occupant productivity and strong presenteeism.

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Our solutions

Monitoring of Indoor Air Quality Ventilation control and associated benefits 

Multi-pollutant monitoring 

Air quality is invisible and imperceptible.

It is therefore important to measure as many pollutants as possible in order to evaluate their impacts and act accordingly.

Ventilation control

Measuring is good, acting is bad. 

It's better! That's why our probes integrate ventilation control functions. Directly or via the BMS (Building Management System) our sensors ensure a good Air Quality while optimizing energy consumption!


The control of the Indoor Air Quality allows to improve the productivity, the Quality of Life at Work (QWL), the health, the presenteeism and the preservation of the patrimonial value of the buildings (moulds, alteration of the wall coverings by deposit of fine particles,...)

Our products

Discover the stars of our range, the Indoor and Outdoor Air Quality probes.

Indoor Air Quality Sensor EP5000

● 12 to 15 indoor environment parameters

● HVAC control on environments and IAQ

● Building Energy Efficiency

● Commissioning by smartphone

● 10 year life span

● Multi protocols

Indoor Air Quality Sensor E4000-NG

4 indoor environment parameters

HVAC control  on environments and IAQ

 Energy efficiency of the building

10 year life span

Modular and multi protocol

Fine Particle Sensor P4000-NG

3 types of fine particle measurements: PM1, PM2.5, PM10 µm

Remedial control 

Compatible with the E4000-NG probe

Modular and Multi - protocol 

Outdoor Air Quality Probe AAQ

● Temperature, Humidity, Fine Particles

● Noise sensor, Ozone, NOx, SO2 ... optional

● Compatible with the EP5000 probe,  for comparison with indoor air

● Multi protocols and multi sensors

NanoSense: more than 20 years in the service of the air

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