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Parking Air Manager: Ventilation management of underground parking

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€ Professional rate on request with a KBIS.

The map (Parking Air Manager) manages the ventilation of small and medium-sized underground parking lots. In fact, if the regulations obligated to equip the car parks with more than 300 places of management systems of the fans, the small and medium car parks had to be able to be equipped at lower cost of a similar system.

The number of apartments has a CO-rate higher than the standard in force as a result of the exhaust gas lifts by the technical sheaths. Property trustees may have to assume responsibility for intoxication in an apartment due to gas parking.

Even if the time of passage in a parking lot and thus of exposure to the exhaust gas is theoretically short, the risk exists that some owners of vehicles carry out longer operations (cleaning, repairs..). The risk of intoxication becomes very important if mechanical ventilation is not ensured. A timed ventilation linked to the opening of the parking garage door cannot ensure satisfactory air quality in this case.


French Version

Product datasheet (Parking Air Manager)

Declaration of Conformity

Product datasheet (CO detector)

Product sheet (Fire order)

How to use

Installation Instructions (PAM)

Installation Instructions Firefighter Control

English Version

PAM Datasheet

˃ 50 ppm trigger for low speed extractor control.

˃ 100 ppm trigger for high speed extractor control.

˃ Triggered if > 100 ppm for more than 20mn for high speed extractor control + audible alarm.

˃ 200 ppm triggering for parking lot evacuation signaling.


No maintenance thanks to a solid state-type semiconductor sensor.

Direct connection to the fans (and alarms possible).

Complies with the French regulations of the car parks of more than 300 places.


˃ DIN rail control boxes.

˃ IP 42 sensor boxes.

˃ Connection of up to 5 sensors or 4 sensors + one firefighter control.

˃ Sensor link by bus up to 1200 m (4 wires cable).

˃ 230V AC power supply.

The Air Manager Parking in pictures

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